Come feast yourself on the toothsome spectacle.

“aut delectare… aut prodesse”  -Horace

The Prandial Kabaret is both an homage to times and traditions past (i.e. salons/Salons, supping, dinner table conversation, &c.) and a hope for delectable and informative/inspirational times and traditions to come.  The unifying aspect of each gathering will be the meal.  As both a means to bring people together as well as a worthy conversational piece, the food prepared, presented, and polished off at each supping salon is intended to make one think and to at times make one smile.  A great deal of thought goes into where and how the food is sourced, when and how the food will be prepared, and why and how the food should delight.

While certainly more than an excuse to assemble, the meal will share the spotlight with an exhibit, production, performance or scene of some kind.  Both of these elements will contribute to the discourse/confabulation/palavering that should fully punctuate the night and the experience of the guests.  A fantastic feast can be had at a number of Chicago’s established culinary institutions (i.e. restaurants); a great show can be seen at a number of Chicago’s galleries, theaters, or auditoriums but rarely are these places intimate or integrated enough to fully exploit all aspects of an interlude.  The Prandial Kabaret wants to provide you with the space to experience a spectacle, a supper to amuse the mouth and a consummate experience that just might make you demand more from your occasions.