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Pretzels without Lye(s)

Back in the day when life was easy and you could walk down the street at night- er- scratch that.

Back in the day when scrunchies and slap bracelets were all the rage- er- not quite.

Well, they do seem quite antiquated, if still intensely yummy when executed with flair. 

No, not fruit cakes, I speak of chorizo-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon.  Nowadays, they are touted on every catering menu that prides itself on “upscale” cuisine.  I think you can probably also order them at Applebee’s.  But once upon a time, a few years ago, these delicious little sweet-and-savory nuggets could only be had at Avec and a few similar institutions.  No visit would be complete without their cocooned goodness nuzzled in a red pepper sauce so perfect for bread mopping. 

The last time I ordered these at Avec there was but room for disappointment.  They were fine but not revelatory.  Perhaps I had become inured to their wonder.  Perhaps my buds had been ruined by an improved version made in my own kitchen a few weeks prior for a thirteen course dinner party.  Perhaps their heyday was no more.

But in any case, the sweet/salty combination that so titillates McDonald’s is really epitomized by these pieces of nostalgia.  As such, I decided that they needed a makeover.  Hence: chorizo, bacon and date pretzels. 

They are a work in-progress but all who have left the test kitchen with a bite have also left with a smile.  Add a delicious peppery bourbon cocktail as an accompaniment and it might just set the stage for a fantastic mingle. 

And they will rise.

Nuzzled together so sweetly.

Free of their constraints.

Chorizo sans skin. Do you detect a motif?

Oh, bacon.

Lounging in the skillet so enticingly.

Raw unboiled potential.

The pretzel jacuzzi.

Ready for a little tan.

It's not always about looks you know.


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