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The Propounded Bill of Fare

Please click on the Reservations section above to find out how to reserve your spot for the Saturday supping salon.  We hope to see you there!

There will be 12-plus courses; I hope you’ve prepared yourself.

Capital Brewery knows what's up.

The Cocktail Bewitching Hour

  • stuffed fried olives
  • chorizo, date, and bacon buns
  • rye and bourbon cocktails

The Supping Hours

  • pistachio pâté in brandied prunes
  • mint and green pea agnolotti in lemon broth
  • garlic scape madeleines
  • fiddlehead ferns, stinging nettle dumplings with porcini and nettle sauce
  • the whole hog: a five-part tribute to this little piggy
  • tomato sorbet with tomato tartare and basil oil
  • caramelized pineapple with pink peppercorns and crème fraiche and thyme ice cream
  • lemon langues de chat with house made licor de leite

If you need inspiration for what to wear or who to channel, check out Peripatetic Costume Parties in New York.


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