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The Inauguration of the Kabaret

That's The Prandial Kabaret for you

It was a night that progressed into morning filled with delightful individuals, witty banter and some sassy feather accoutrements.  There were old friends and new; scientists, lawyers, artists and theatre folk.  There was a bit of delirium had by the salonnière (thanks to the boudin noir experience until 5am) but she was quickly put at ease by the thoughtfulness and appreciation shown by the most lovely of guests.  The amazingly wonderful lady scientists who wore heels with panache and made the eleven courses possible will forever be looked upon with the greatest appreciation and affection by The Prandial Kabaret.

It was a night not without minor hiccups (i.e. dishwasher flooding, langues de chats that bit the dust, red lipstick left in an apron pocket that was then put into the washer, forgotten coffee and puff pastry left in the oven all night while The Prandial Kabaret slept- luckily St. Anthony the Abbot, the patron saint of bacon took care of the whole not-burning-down-the-house thing).  Overall though, it was a delightful night for The Prandial Kabaret and hopefully for her guests as well.
Here’s a taste:

An electrical engineer with fantastic pink peep-toes and an expertise in farro

A vegan astrophysicist with a gift for eggplant and a nature so generous as to be open to being surrounded by pig all night long

These are not photo-prompted smiles

In deep thought as the night begins

The Prandial Kabaret loves flowers

Another lovely astrophysicist plating the madeleines

"Don't be absurd, darling."

This little piggy had roast beef (A pork and beef roast integration)

Green pea and chevre agnolotti

Preparing the boudin noir

Boudin noir for all!

This little piggy had none

This little piggy stayed home (Bacon and a quail egg)

Only Dorothy Parker could rival the wit

Caramelized pineapple with pink peppercorns

A precarious and yet successful pour

A luminary of the Kabaret

It was time for champagne


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