An Easter Passover Breakfast Taco Feast

When you gather together atheists, agnostics, ran-away Catholics and non-Jewish Jews for midday Easter brunch, there is nothing better on this Earth to commemorate the event than a make-your-own-breakfast-tacos spread.  Replete with homemade flour tortillas of both the pork lard and vegan varieties; refried beans with bacon and refried beans teeming with chipotle peppers (to approximate the piggy deliciousness); fried jalapeno potatoes; fried tortilla strips (for migas tacos); scrambled eggs; cheese; salsa; cilantro; and chorizo made in-house; these were mix and match tacos that tested both the consumption stamina and in-the-moment creativity of all those involved.  The eating lasted from 3pm til 7pm and not an hour passed unpunctuated by breakfast taco enjoyment.

Jar 1 is almost gone!

Tortillas in their most elemental

Coming together


A floured field

In the tasty beginning...

Bubbling wonder

Due to being eaten immediately after taken off of their cast iron quarters, there are no photos of a sepia-speckled flour tortilla ready for gustatorial enjoyment.


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