A Proper Pin-Up Christening

The inaugural supping salon shall headline a pin-up photo exhibit featuring the work of a local Chicago artist.  Before one jumps to conclusions: these are not cheesecakey.  They are more Alberto Vargas or Gil Elvgren than Fritz Willis (for those less pin-up savvy this means that their power is found in their suggestion rather than their disclosure or to be blunt, there’s not much T&A).  Apart from just enjoying the eye candy, the ruminating guest is invited to decide if these photos successfully negotiate a place for themselves in their portrayal (serious or mocking) of female sexuality somewhere in the space between fine and pop art, the high brow and the low brow.  How do they or do they even attempt to, effectively traverse the divide between feminism and femininity?

Here’s a taste of the exhibit:

She doesn't dust.

Maria Elena Buszek’s Pin-Up Grrrls is a fascinating read if you suddenly feel the urge to become an armchair pin-up scholar.


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